The home of sport in Bury St Edmunds and beyond

We recognise the power of sport – and how it can transform lives. With that comes great responsibility which is something we take very seriously. The sporting landscape in Bury St Edmunds is a complex weave of schools, clubs, teams, agencies, companies and individuals, and we’re doing our part by recognising and bringing these strands together in one place and helping people to navigate and understand what is – ‘BurySport’.

What's on the BurySport website?

Google calendar: helping to keep track of events, competitions and meetings you might be interested in.

Your Voice – Feedback Questionnaire: yours and your child’s chance to feedback their thoughts about competitions and events.

How to become a coach: get qualifications and experience, and feed into the sporting systems in the area.

Local partners, governing bodies and agencies: signposting you to other sites, full of contacts and ideas and information.

LCV – Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering: The flagship programme that trains young people to lead and coach within the sporting environment.

Meet the team: find out who’s involved in the School Games roll out across the area.

Central Entry Form: for organisers, complete your CEF online – directly through this website.

And much more…